Sustainability: The Next Generation

Manchán Magan and Saoirse Exton in conversation with Ceara Carney

A conversation with Manchan Magan and Saoirse Exton, hosted by Ceara Carney

In this enlightening evening of discussion and debate, we bring together two of the most fascinating figureheads of Irish sustainability: iconic Irish language broadcaster Manchán Magan with youth activist Saoirse Exton, Limerick’s answer to Greta Thurnberg. Across this intimate evening of conversation we will explore questions of sustainability, Irishness and generational shifts in climate thinking. Manchán and Saoirse will be interviewed by climate podcast host Ceara Carney (Book of Leaves podcast).

Join us for an inspiring discussion on the climate emergency and what we can do to build a better future in Limerick and beyond.

A man in a blazer wearing glasses stands in a forest
Date: 18 May 2022
Time: 8:30
Venue: Belltable